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Your report will remain here on file at the RoadRagers web site and will be used for anyone to access in searches for entertainment and/or research purposes.

RoadRagers is not a law enforcement agency. Your report will not be forwarded to law enforcement agencies.  If you wish to proceed with legal action against the alleged offender, RoadRagers requires that you do not fill out this form and instead report this alleged incident to your local law enforcement agency.


  • Enter the requested information in the boxes below.

  • Your name and email address are required for our records only. Your personal data will not be displayed for the public to see.

  • Press the submit button once when you are finished.

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  • This is a totally **FREE** service.

> Part I - Describe the Alleged Offense

Alleged Offense:

Please Add a Sentence/Phrase/Narrative to Describe the Offense:

(Required) ie. Speeding in a school zone, Cut off several people, etc

> Part II - Describe the Offending Vehicle

Offending Vehicle's Make:

Offending Vehicle's Model:

If you are unsure of the Model leave this space blank

Offending Vehicle's Year:

Offending Vehicle's Color:
ie. Red, Blue, Black, White and Red, etc.

Offending Vehicle's Licence Plate Number:

Licence Plate State or Province:


> Part III - Where did this Offense Take Place?

Street Name:

Cross Street:
at (Required)

Direction Traveling:

City or Town:

State or Province:



> Part IV - When did this Offense Take Place?

Day, Date, Month, Year   Hour   Minute AM/PM?

> Part V - Public Information About You

This information will be shown alongside the citation you create for this alleged offense. it will be public for all to see. You could enter your first name or any descriptive handle giving any/no indication of who you are.

Your Public Handle:

> Part VI - Private Information About You

This information is secret and will not appear on the citation. It will only be kept in the RoadRagers private database.

Your Name
ie. First and Last Name

Valid EMail Address of Reporter:
(Valid Email Required)

Please Note that will not use this personal information in any mailing list or email campaigns. We will simply keep this personal info on file for our own records. If a valid email address is not used, your entry will not be activated.

Part VII - Submit

By pressing the SUBMIT button below you have agreed that all info you have submitted above is about an incident that is alleged to have taken place and witnessed by the submitter.You also guarantee that the private info submitted, such as your real name and email address are accurate.

The private info that you have submitted will not be released to anyone with the exception of official Law Enforcement Agencies that may request this information in writing using official stationary.

When you press submit - Press only once and wait for the next screen.


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DISCLAIMER: The Road Ragers Web Site is intended to create a safe environment for frustrated drivers to vent disapproval of what they witness on the streets and highways. We would like to point out that the purpose of this site is intended for general information and entertainment purposes only. Since the operators of this site accept anonymous reports from the public, the accuracy or meaning of the information on this site is not guaranteed. Although RoadRagers.Com attempts to discourage users from making fraudulent claims, reports submitted to this site are accepted as the alleged opinions of those submitting the reports. For information on our policy concerning the data that this site collects from you the user, please view our privacy policy.

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