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Opinion Polls: Completed

These are our past opinion polls. All polls are completed.

Are You Angry?
What irritates you the most?

Aggressive drivers and speeders: 33.30%

Drivers who stay in the left lane: 29.88%

Slow drivers: 23.65%

Drivers who block your lane change: 13.17%


Aggressive is Dangerous?
Are most aggressive drivers actually dangerous drivers?

Yes: 58.86%

No: 41.14%


Road Rage In the Media
September 2000
Do Road Rage stories in the media provide a warning to all drivers or is it just sensationalistic journalism?

News provides good info: 52.00%

Pure sensationalism: 40.00%

No comment: 8.00%


Why Do People do What they Do?
August 2000
Why do people lane hop?

Slow drivers make drivers impatient: 46.74%

Some drivers are naturally impatient: 29.35%

Some drivers think that their trip is a race: 23.91%


About Your Driving Habits.
July 2000
Do you drive more safely when you have your friends or loved ones as passengers your car?

Yes: 67.81%

I haven't noticed a difference: 19.86%

No: 12.33%


What causes Road Rage?
June 2000
Which do you think is most responsible for road rage?

Day to day stress.: 31.17%

A feeling of anonymity when someone is in her/his own vehicle.: 30.52%

Everybody is in a rush these days.: 24.68%

Some people are simply unstable.: 13.64%


What Irks You?
May 2000
Which bad driving habit irks you the most?

Tailgating: 47.62%

Slow Driving: 23.99%

Not staying right except to pass: 23.26%

Speeding: 5.13%


Have you Been Angry Today?
April 2000
Recall the last time you were behind the wheel... did another driver do something to make you angry?

Yes: 82.96%

No: 17.04%


How Often Should Drivers be Tested?
March 2000
How often should a driver be tested by a local motor vehicle authority?

Every 10 years: 53.30%

After every 50 percent or more at fault accident: 35.71%

Once, when they first get their drivers license: 10.99%

Is Your Road Rage a Bad habit or Disorder?
February 2000
What is Road Rage?

A bad habit: 40.10%

A mental disorder: 36.63%

None of the above: 23.27%


Does Roadragers.Com help?
January 2000
Do you think that it can help angry drivers to blow off steam on an internet site such as

Yes: 54.17%

No: 30.00%

I'm not sure: 15.83%


How fast is considered speeding?
December 1999
How fast is considered speeding?

10 MPH over the limit: 38.11%

20 MPH over the limit: 35.25%

Anything over the limit: 16.39%

5 MPH over the limit: 10.25%

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Do you Road Rage?
November 1999
Do you ever feel the need to road rage?

Sometimes.: 47.70%

Often.: 37.20%

Never.: 15.10%


Senior Citizens
October 1999
What is your opinion of senior citizens on our roads and highways?

Some are good, some are bad.: 67.99%

They are a menace.: 22.49%

They have as much right to drive as anyone else.: 9.52%


Vehicle Types
September 1999
What type of vehicle generally causes the most trouble for you on the road?

Sport utility vehicle?: 38.89%

Mini-van?: 26.39%

Sports car?: 22.22%

Truck?: 11.11%

Taxi?: 1.39%


What makes you Angry?
August 1999
What makes you angry?

Tailgaters?: 35.71%

Slow Drivers?: 27.38%

Drivers weaving in and out of traffic?: 26.19%

Speeders?: 10.71%



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