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As a driver it is so easy to get angry...

Calgary Sun(Thu 27 July 2001) was featured in an article in the Calgary Sun. was featured on Fox News in Philadelphia.

What is All About?

An article published in the NY Times on 17 May 2000, best describes the concept of

...[A]n online confessional community that allows angry drivers to calm down by posting the license plate number, vehicle make and model and location of the antisocial drivers who enrage them.

In its first eight months, the site has drawn about 45,000 hits from drivers around the world who have shared their feelings and frustrations.

"Some jerk cut me off and I felt like pulling up next to him and pushing him off the road," reads one recent posting. "Then I just changed the radio station to a calmer station and ended up calming down. Twenty minutes later, I was safe at home with my family -- no harm, no foul. Who knows what would have happened if I would have given in to the rage."

NY Times

There are some idiots on the road these days. Some drivers are just too aggressive, other drivers are plainly not aggressive enough. Some others just never should have gotten their license in the first place.

Many of these types of drivers can frustrate any ordinary person.

Frustration can make your angry. Anger can make you irrational. This can lead to dangerous behavior.

Most road rage incidents start off as a simple encounter between two drivers. An initial encounter can soon escalate and lead to more aggressive and dangerous behavior. Many people have termed this type of behavior "road rage". would like to stop you right there. Don't get mad. Don't give into the anger. Don't let your encounters with other drivers escalate into dangerous situations. Stop! Get a description of the offending vehicle and enter it into our database. This is a harmless way to alleviate your road rage anger.

If your wish, you can also post your story in our message board. There are many others who will read your post , that have been in your situation before. By participating in our on-line forum you can further help to find relief to road rage stress. is here to help drivers deal with anger, aggressive driving habits and road rage stress.


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