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Road Rage is More Common Than You Think...

The best drivers easily grow tired of the "idiots" they see on roads every day. Many develop road rage by giving in to their own frustration.

The only problem with giving in to road rage is that it can often get you into a lot of trouble. Others can be just as enraged as you are, and their reaction to you may be down right dangerous. This can easily happen by almost changing lanes when someone is in your blind spot, or any number unintentional actions that can be viewed as intentional by someone else.

You should always avoid road rage. Back off and calm down. This is hard for some people. Like bad weather, stupid drivers are just part of the environment. Still, it would be nice to let them know how you feel, without endangering yourself or the general public.

Don't give in to road rage. Avoid legal trouble and doing things you'll later regret. Don't get mad, get even! You came to the right place. Here at the web site you may fill out a **FREE** Road Ragers citation and report an alleged offense. Instead of flipping a finger, run your fingers over your keyboard by submitting their vehicle make model and license number.

Many of our visitors also use our free Driving Style Analysis. You may use this test as an indicator of how you drive.

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Recent alleged incidents which have been submitted:

26-Oct-08 :: Road Rage - Swearing/Hand Gestures/Excessive Horn Honking - Waldo, FL - Gold Older Model Plymouth Breeze - Tag# 645 HKD FL - More Info

25-Oct-08 :: Dangerously Entering Flow of Traffic - Toms River, NJ - White Newer Model Unknown Make Hummer H3 - Tag# YDC 44M NJ - More Info

23-Oct-08 :: Unsafe Driving - Brick, NJ - Dark Blue Newer Model Chevrolet Small extended P/U - Tag# SFL 68D NJ - More Info

24-Oct-08 :: Unlisted Violation - Kankakee, IL - blue & white Newer Model Unknown Make medium pickup - Tag# 123456 IL - More Info

24-Oct-08 :: Running Stop Sign - Hattiesburg, MS - Silver or White Newer Model Unknown Make - Tag# JPH 435 MS - More Info

24-Oct-08 :: Dangerous Cell Phone Usage - layton, UT - forrest green Newer Model Chevrolet trailblazer - Tag# 752 VGD UT - More Info

24-Oct-08 :: Road Rage - Swearing/Hand Gestures/Excessive Horn Honking - indianapolis, IN - tan/brown Newer Model Jeep cherokee - Tag# 880 KAC IN - More Info

24-Oct-08 :: Lane Change - Unsafe - Rochester, NY - Silver/Gray Newer Model Toyota - Tag# 130 NY - More Info

24-Oct-08 :: Dangerous Driving - Philadelphia, PA - Black Newer Model Unknown Make Monte Carlo - Tag# GYC8355 PA - More Info

23-Oct-08 :: Road Rage - Swearing/Hand Gestures/Excessive Horn Honking - Ogden, UT - Red Newer Model Chevrolet Colorado LS - Tag# 666 VTN UT - More Info

All reports were submitted using our **FREE** service.

road rager dudeHow to avoid Aggressive Driving behavior....

  • Plan ahead and allow enough time for delays.
  • Give your driving your full attention.
  • Don’t take your frustration out on other drivers.
  • Driving is not a contest. It is not about winning.
  • Realize that you cannot control the drivers around you... you can control only the way you react to them.

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